Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The owl family

Lucy and I have another family who lives with us, a family of Barred Owls. The owls introduced themselves the first day we moved in our new home as one of them took a dive at me as I unloaded the trunk of my car. Since that day, I see (or hear) them almost every day or night. I was worried about my three dogs becoming owl food, but after seeing the number of squirrels and birds (and witnessing the owls have dinner several times), our dogs are safe (I think).

Last week, I got to witness one of their young leaving the nest. I knew something was different by the owl's behavior leading up to the day. Both adult owls were visible at the same time (rare) and staying near their nest. The morning the baby emerged, all three sat on limbs most of the day until the youngster had the courage to take the plunge. And plunge it did! Baby owls cannot fly (read that online) and this one was no different. While it was on the ground, I snapped several pictures and for the rest of the evening, the parents watched closely over their baby as it learned how to use it's wings. The next day the baby was gone, but both parents took up their usual spots high up in the trees of my backyard.

After initially being concerned (mostly about the dogs), there's something comforting about having the owls watching over my yard. Every time I walk the dogs, I look up to see if my friends are looking back down and most of the time, their large black eyes are staring back.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

snow pics

Once in a blue moon, the south will get snow. I can think of maybe five times where I saw snow growing up in middle GA....and that's almost 30 years worth of memories.

I've experienced snow a little more the past few years living in Kansas City and now Greenville, SC. This past weekend was one of those times which saw us getting about 4-5 inches starting Sunday afternoon.

Two of my three dogs, Otis and Dudley, loved playing in the snow while Roscoe didn't want to leave the comfort (and dryness) of the back porch. Dudley continued to play with his tennis ball rolling it around the yard turning it into a mini snow ball.

I enjoy snow! Now I don't want a huge storm with multiple feet of snow and the inevitable broken branches and lost power (luckily that didn't happen to us this time, but friends lost their power for 3-5 days), but once a year, a nice snowfall with sticking for a day or two is fun.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008


Just some recent pics of the most spoiled dogs in the world including a few of them trick or treatin' at the local coffee shop.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Baton Rouge beatdown

Although UGA's season took it's annual nosedive around Halloween (damn you Gators!), it's season looked much brighter the week before. UGA's offense finally showed up for a complete game and took LSU to the woodshed to the tune of a 52-38 beatdown - only the 2nd time EVER an opponent has score more than 50 points at Death Valley (and the other time involved multiple overtime periods).

I had been planning the trip to Death Valley for over a year since UGA only makes the trip west once every five years. In the last few seasons, I've had more fun with road trips than at Sanford Stadium. Sure, every UGA fan likes to 'go home', but I also enjoy experiencing gameday and seeing the opponent's campus and traditions. BTW, I love college football.

I've heard numerous stories about how terrible LSU fans can be. Apparently they didn't show up October 25th because I had the best road experience I've EVER. TONS of free food and drink (and even cuban cigars) were given to me throughout the day (Thanks Dr. Phil!). The tailgate I hung out at was even written up for a story in the NOLA Sothern Cuisine Magazine. I can't say enough about their hospitality! Of course there were a few 'Tiger Bait' chants thrown our way, but most were in good fun and quickly followed by a chuckle. I can't say UGA fans would have been as gracious after a defeat like that. THANKS LSU FANS for a great experience!

I can't say Baton Rouge is a fun place to hang out though, and compared to the Athens nightlife, it was down right BORING! There is no central place to go or hangout after games. There was ONE bar closeby, but it was overcrowded and full of 21-year olds. Compared to other college towns, this was a huge letdown.

Overall, it was a great trip! I'm slowly knocking off each SEC campus. I can't wait for the trip to Fayetteville (sarcasm alert!!!!)

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